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2018 Winter Newsletter

Jerrabomberra  Lodge


We are on our way again! 

The next phase of the history of Jerrabomberra Lodge will now run from 2018 to 2058 but I dare say I and many of our early members won’t make it all the way there. However, it will be nicely set up for those who do follow us.

What a relief to know that we have finally reached the end of the Lease renewal saga and that the outcome is as we would have wished for. 

I believe that the saga has been going for over seven years for the owner (Kevin Blyton and team) of our head lease so they must also be congratulated on their determination and persistence in obtaining a favourable and secure outcome. 

I am sure it has taken its toll of people’s health, that is those that have been closely involved, as the whole saga appeared to be quite convoluted and must at times been quite stressful and political. Who can remember those famous words from one of our illustrious leaders, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. That appeared to be certainly true in this case.

We can now look forward to a period of certainty and constructive evolution of the Charlotte Pass ski field, subject to development approvals where required. Whilst some maintenance work was carried out by CPV during this intervening period there was no real serious investment in CPV warranted. Our board felt a similar sentiment but now it’s all hands-on deck and as you can see from the pics taken earlier this year by our Maintenance Director, Phil Clisby, the lodge is already beginning to show signs of its new look. 

MAINTENANCE- This summer season saw many separate visits and several working bees organised by Phil and he and his team have been extremely busy.

As reported by Ron Green the refurbishment works were only commenced on confirmation of the lease. Many members have contributed to various elements at the working bees this past summer. 

Ron also reported that the roof has now been replaced and 25% of the new windows installed including a new and better insulated window and door from the lounge to the existing deck. Additionally, access doors and frames were renewed and another big job was the enclosing of the street side veranda to protect it from the incursion of the snow build up that is created by the groomers when working on the back street. The renewal of the seal over this veranda floor was a regular annual task and was needed to prevent moisture getting into the store room where we keep our seasons’ provisions. Closing in the veranda will provide a more permanent protection and will also be environmentally advantageous in helping to retain the warmth within the lodge, so helping reduce our environmental impact on energy usage and help us to better comply with the environmental conditions of the lease.


Next summer is all about renovating the outside of the lodge with more thermally efficient façade cladding and replacing the remainder of the windows with new double-glazed ones. There will also be the opportunity, with the window replacement, to install thermally efficient opening windows in the lounge to allow access to and done concurrently with the build of the new balcony off the lounge (west side). 

Phil especially was thankful for the involvement of other members. ” Whilst we have benefited from some professional help with the works so far volunteer members have been the mainstay of the labour force involved.” 

Any members who can offer their help next summer will be appreciated. There is always plenty to do to get the lodge functional and comfortable for the 2019 season. Call Phil Clisby our maintenance officer on 0413 735 624 to lodge your expression of interests if you think you might have some time available. It’s not a firm commitment but being on Phil’s list does help him schedule what gets done when.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?- CPV management has told us that they now have a ten-year plan of improvement and changes that will help make CPV an even more desirable resort for family skiing over the years to come. As some of these will need Development approval there is no knowing when that might occur or what particular season they will be ready for. However, a renewed sense of optimism is now in the air!

Some of the improvements that have already happened are to the infrastructure that we don’t often think about. Improving the reliability of the sewerage plant, maintaining the over snow vehicles to ensure that the weekend transport schedules are met without breakdowns and riders on the chair will see a renovated top station for the happy lifties. The ski hire equipment which was pretty good last year has been further improved and more investment made in it whilst the ever-necessary snow making equipment has been added to. 

Christine Parker at CPV did say that this year there will be NO TOBOGANING ALLOWED. In fact, don’t even take a toboggan as it won’t be loaded on the over snow transport. If you have one stored away don’t get it out as it will be confiscated. It seems the same restrictions now apply at Thredbo and in many parts of Perisher, so be warned.

However, Christine said to remember that the warm hospitality in the Adams Bar and the 5pm Piano bar sessions is still available for valley guests.  This year members will be without the availability of Stillwell’s hospitality. The cappuccinos and hot chocolates on the terrace in the sun were to die for but unfortunately Stillwell did not renew its lease and the property will revert to the CPV for future accommodation, so this year it is closed. 

Looking ahead, members will certainly benefit from the planned investments to come in CPV over the next ten years. When implemented these can only  be positive for the success of the resort and will make it more attractive to even more potential members and guests, to the benefit of the lodges in the valley.

NEWSLETTER - I was recently asked about our Newsletter frequency of publication which used to be 2-3 times per year. Well I am sure you can understand that there was not a lot to write about until the lease matter was sorted out one way or another. In fact, there was a period there, due to the delays, that accommodation bookings were not able to be confirmed for 2018 and we were advised by NPWS to just to place people on a Wait List until it was resolved!

2018 MANAGERS- Just referring back to the delay on the lease finalisation. The indecision on the lease outcome was also a delaying factor in confirming the hire of our 2018 season managers. Both Chris and Bianca who had managed Jerra for the last three years had indicated an interest in returning once again but after tying the knot finally in November 2017 and having an uncertain future ahead of them decided on an alternative course of action and will not be returning to manage Jerra in 2018.

As you can imagine, this created yet another problem for our operations team headed by Ivan Bradshaw. It demanded an extra amount of time and effort to attract, vet, background and negotiate agreeable terms from the several contenders. It had to be done in a very short timeframe. Thankfully Ivan has advised that a team has been contracted and he will be providing even more of his time onsite to work with them in the first operational weeks to ensure they are fully trained in all aspects of the lodge’s management and operation. I am sure we often forget what is needed to make the lodge run smoothly and the extra demands placed on the few relevant board members to achieve the desired outcome, to please all members when staying at Jerra. I can confirm that it does not happen magically by osmosis.


Our joint manager’s for 2018 are Sujin Park and Tommy Robinson with Dan Tull cooking up a storm.
Sujin has been working in the hospitality industry for 9 years and this will be her 2nd year at Charlotte Pass. Previously she was at Stillwell Lodge as a Maitre D. Sujin has also managed on Fitzroy Island and in the Sydney CBD. 
Sujin and Tommy worked together on Lord Howe Island. Tommy has 6 years of experience in the hospitality industry and this will be his 4th year at Charlotte Pass. Tommy was the Bar Manager at the Chalet for two years as well as Restaurant Supervisor on Fitzroy Island.
Dan has had several years’ experience as a chef and some years ago worked at Stillwell Lodge. He has worked in New Zealand and Japan doing winter seasons back to back, so you know he loves the snow. 
It’s a new team for us but comes with great experience of the type of needs of skiers so the results should be spot on. 

Looking ahead to this season…..

At this late stage the most available accommodation is during the first three weeks and last 2 weeks of the season as the lodge is fully booked in the other weeks now and accommodation is being taken up as we speak. 

So if you are still thinking but not acting then get a move on!  You can contact our booking officer Rose Leishman on 0408 186 296.

Availability: -
Week 1 - Saturday 23rd June to Saturday 30th June 
Week 2 - Saturday 30th June to Saturday 7th July
Week 3 - Saturday 7th July to Saturday 14th July
Week 11 - Saturday 1st September to Saturday 8th September
Week 12 - Saturday 8th September to Saturday 15th September

If you were at Jerra late in the 2017 season then you would have enjoyed some of the best snow and it was even better when CPV had closed and continued  into October when it was deeper than 2. 25 meters. 

** So this year CPV have announced that the 2018 ski season at Charlotte Pass Snow Resort has been EXTENDED to Sunday 30th September, 2018.


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - This year the NSW public school term finishes on Friday 28th September so I can foresee a few eager parents already looking at their diaries!!! However, they may have get in quick as Queenslanders will have a week's start on NSW parents. Their school term finishes on Friday 21st September. Private schools usually finish up a week earlier.

As this is the first time that CPV has stayed open and due to the late news Jerrabomberra Lodge will accommodate Members/Guests from Saturday 15th September to Saturday 29th September, if Members/Guests wish to take up the offer for accommodation, with some conditions.

Any Member/Guests who wishes to take up this offer for accommodation during these two (2) weeks understands and acknowledges that:-
1.  Your booking is only secured for your requested dates;
2.  No deposit is required to be paid;
3.  Notification by email from the Booking Officer on Saturday 1st September, 2018 will be given confirming that Jerrabomberra Lodge will be open the two (2) weeks;
4.  Your booking with then be Confirmed and full payment will be required;
5.   You understand the 2018 Booking Terms & Conditions.  Please ensure that you understand the Cancellation Policy in the Booking Terms & Conditions.

THE LEVY– The board has been pleasantly surprised by the response from members to Ron Green’s letters advising us all of the financial requirements needed to continue on with the lease. Thankfully the amount to be levied was foreseen eight years ago and was correctly quantified to the membership at that time. We see the level of acceptance to support the size and timing of the levy as a very strong indication of the members’ satisfaction of the decisions taken by the board in this matter and thank members for their continued confidence in the Board as we go forward. I think one very gratifying point that is worth mentioning is that over this time inflation, as measured by the CPI, would have seen this sum to have increased. Even the basket of goods and services used for calculating the CPI and then valued at $3000 would cost at least $3650 today, so holding the levy at the forecast level is yet another practical indication of the strong financial management of the board. Another measure as to how well the financial management has been can perhaps be ascertained when viewed against the sort of levy that a nearby lodge is asking for their husband and wife members. It seems that it is almost three (3) times more, as was reported to me! It makes the Jerra levy look almost miniscule.

Ok, I think that’s it from all of us putting this together. Thanks to Phil, Rose and Ivan for their inputs and many thanks to the Lease team for getting us to this point. We can now look forward with certainty to many years of bright and happy stays at Jerrabomberra and enhanced skiing in CPV.

Regards M
Millard Lowe
Editor, Jerrabomberra Lodge