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Jerrabomberra Lodge History

A group of people commenced building Jerrabomberra Ski Lodge in the summer of 1978 in Charlotte Pass.


The building was designed and built by David Trinder of Trinder Alpine Constructions. Its style could be described as “Australian Alpine Resort” with some European influences.  The cost was $179,000.00. Building the lodge was no easy task.  The weather either very hot or very cold, the ground full of large boulders to be excavated and shifted, materials transported a long way off and equipment and skilled labour always difficult to find.


The building of Jerrabomberra Lodge showed that many people were confident about skiing in Charlotte Pass and those skiers introduced to the valley added greatly to that existing skiing base who were already enjoying Charlotte Pass up to that time.

Jerrabomberra Lodge is a family Ski Lodge with a limited membership of 50 ‘A’ Class Members and 100 ‘B’ Class Members providing Charlotte Pass accommodation.

The day to day running of the Lodge is by a contract management team selected on a yearly tender basis.

The overall development in the valley has been well planned creating a truly Australian Alpine Village unique to this country.